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Remotely monitor and control the hardware equipment of your business

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What is CM2W

CM2W - Connect Machines To Web provides the ability to remotely monitor and control a wide range of hardware equipment in an uniform manner. CM2W could help you achieve the potential and accomplish the business value of connected solutions on the Internet of Things. Our team of consultants and software developers have great experience in the multi-discipline requirements and process of building a connected solution.


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CM2W is a SaaS always available and ready to scale, according to the customers needs.read more

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Be mobile! CM2W provides mobile access to the features of the platform.read more

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CM2W takes security very seriously. Communications to and from CM2W are protected with industry-standard HTTPS.read more

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Common Business Applications

CM2W provides wide range of markets/businesses with the ability to remotely control their hardware equipment in order to support them with better efficiency of machines and materials usage.

CM2W platform was already successfully introduced in the industrial chemicals distribution process and industrial coffee distribution. But the range of implementation of the platform is almost infinite.

Added Value

Based on Case Studies connecting their machines to the web, our customers:

  • Increase sales from existing customers by over 30%.
  • Reduce transport costs by up to 60% as reduce unnecessary visits by 100%,
    and optimize the organization of required visits to maximum.
  • Save 25% of their time, using it to focus on other part of their business.
  • 100% reduction of fraud.
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